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How to fall back in love with your business

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I don't like running my business anymore, what should I do?"

"How do I enjoy my business again?"

"Why is running a business so hard?"

Today's blog is about one of our most popular Podcast eps 'How to fall back in love with your business'. I'd recommend listening to it now because it's GOLD but if you don't have the time, here's a quick summary below.

In today's discussion, we're delving into a topic that resonates with many of us—rediscovering the passion for our businesses. Lately, I've noticed a common thread in conversations, both with my guests and in various online forums. Many entrepreneurs are not just wrestling with the challenges in their businesses but are also contending with a sense of disillusionment, a feeling that their once-beloved venture now lacks the spark it once had.

If you've found yourself echoing sentiments like "I don't want to do it anymore" or "I've fallen out of love with my business," you're not alone. Today, I want to explore ways in which you can reignite that passion, make pivotal changes, and reconnect with the core of your business—the 'why' that brought you here in the first place.

Identifying the Three-Year Itch

In my 15 years of business, I've noticed what I'd call the "three-year itch." It's that point where a business owner, myself included, starts feeling the need for change. It might not be precisely every three years for everyone, but there comes a moment when a shift is palpable, a longing for something new. For me, recognizing this pattern was a game-changer.

I vividly recall a point three years into my business journey when I admitted, "I don't think I love my business anymore." That moment of clarity served as a turning point. I had to make a choice—either transform the business into something I loved, or face the possibility of shutting it down. I chose the former.

Rediscovering Your Dreams: A Journaling Exercise

So, where do you start when you feel the disconnect? I often turn to my trusty journal. In a world where we're burdened by the 'hows' and 'shoulds,' this exercise requires letting go. Pretend you know nothing about your current situation; write down your dream life in intricate detail. From waking up to going to bed, outline what your ideal day looks like. Don't worry about feasibility at this point—just dream.

In doing this exercise, I've discovered profound insights into what would genuinely make me happy. It's a journey of self-discovery, a process that, for me, highlighted the need to change my work structure, leading to significant shifts in my business.

The Smileys and the Crankies: Unpacking Your Business Emotions

Now, let's focus on your business. In your journal, create two columns—one for smiley faces (what makes you happy) and another for cranky or sad faces (what frustrates or upsets you). Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your business emotions. This is your safe space, free from judgment. Be brutally honest.

By allowing these emotions to surface, you'll not only identify aspects of your business that bring you joy but also pinpoint pain points that might be contributing to your discontent.

Setting Goals: Instant, Small, and Big Changes

Now that your emotions are on paper, let's set some goals. Identify instant changes—things you can implement immediately. These could be simple yet impactful alterations like establishing clear boundaries with clients.

Then, list small changes that you can work on over the next month. These might include adjustments to your daily routine or tweaks to how you interact with your team.

Finally, outline big changes. These might involve substantial shifts in your business model or the pursuit of larger projects. Don't feel pressured to achieve everything at once; these goals are a roadmap for the future.

Reconnecting with Your Why

Lastly, reconnect with your 'why.' Remember why you embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. What was your purpose? What impact did you want to make? Revive that sense of purpose, and let it guide your path forward.

Put your 'why' where you can see it daily. Whether it's above your workspace or on your phone's home screen, let it serve as a constant reminder of the core motivations behind your business.

In closing, let's reignite our excitement for our businesses. Let's fall back in love with what we do, our services, products, and, most importantly, our clients. I hope these insights help you on your journey. Share your feedback, let me know if you'd like more discussions on mindset or marketing topics. After all, this is about giving back to a community that has supported me for 15 incredible years. Here's to making your business journey a bit easier. Until next time, have a fantastic day!

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